Welcome to the Landing Page! You have landed at The Brew Shop! Our Website has been made to be easy an accessible, in a format you are familiar with. This website’s goal is to provide a catalog of goods for sale at your local Brew Shop, and to familiarize yourself with the brewing process.

Our Tutorials section offers you a first hand look at how you actually brew your own beer or wine, and if you had any doubts or reservations, or even fear of brewing, worry no more, The Guru himself has Tutorials on the way. In our Tutorial series he will be doing short, and to-the-point How-To-Brew videos on all the beer and wine kits he sells, and it won’t be much longer until the Beer Series is finished shooting!

So for now, take a look at our posts, the format is made to act and flow like Facebook, or any other social media site. Posts are in Timeline format, so if you want to see older material, just scroll down like you do on facebook! We have 2 store pages for our stores, so you have easy access to our shipping and contact information, as well as google map directions you can click on to get directions to one of our conveniently located stores in Sulphur, LA and Beaumont, TX.

Posts are tagged with categories, so if you are interested in beer, by all means, click beer and see what the guru has to say. If you are interested in what’s going on with the store, expansion, or just general information, click on the News tab, all posts with News will be displayed in timeline format.

I hope you enjoy the site, and enjoy your journey to become a Guru yourself.

The kindest thing you can do is to be so kind to yourself that you realize the value of kindness so much that you actually share it with everyone else!

Guatama Buddha


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