Blichmann Burners are selling fast!


The Blichmann Burners came in, and they sold the very next day! this is a very exciting product and is extremely superb in quality, the amount of minute control you have over temperatures with this rig is unmatched. You want the perfect brew? get yourself a blichmann burner. Come check one out!

Coming Soon!


The Beer Tutorial series is 2/3’rds of the way shot. We will finish the basic brew kit, and intermediate brew kit videos the last sunday of January, and begin shooting the Advanced “All-Grain” tutorial the same day.

Wine making tutorial will be scheduled for shooting later in february. Stayed Tuned! and if there’s any tutorials you’d LIKE to see, please call and tell us what you’d like!

“Top Tier” Burners by Blichmann


In case you didn’t know, The Brew Shop is an Authorized Blichmann Dealer!

Our research and development team wasn’t satisfied with selecting just any burner for the TopTier™, so it developed and tuned its own. While many manufacturers claim an impressive BTU capability, all they’re talking about is the input energy, not the actual energy entering the pot. Isn’t the whole point to heat wort, not the atmosphere?




  • High-efficiency
  • Fast heating
  • Non-rusting, fume-free stainless frame
  • Excellent outdoor flame stability
  • Quiet operation
  • Great low-setting performance without yellow flame (blackens bottom of pot)




A 72,000 BTU / hour burner that blends heating power and efficiency, no louder than a whisper! In addition, low-flame combustion is clean, wind performance is outstanding, and the heavy stainless construction is built to last a lifetime! For operation on natural gas, expect 15% less power and 15% longer heating times due to the lower BTU content of natural gas versus propane.


We also documented that the published BTU of competitive burners varied wildly from actual measured results. Measuring the performance is straightforward: Simply run the burner for an hour at full power and measure the weight of the propane used in pounds. Then, multiply the weight in pounds by 21,000 to get the burner rating in BTU / hour. For example. the Bayou Classic has a published rating of 180 KBTU / hour but only measured at 68 KBTU / hour.







Boilermaker Pots

Have you ever used your cooking pots under your sink to make your brew? have you ever done that more times than you’d like? and now you have grain stain on your pots?

Introducing The Blichmann Boilermaker Pot.


If you’ve made your first All-grain and are ready to have more control over your temperature and be able to scrub your pots without concern of damaging them, then you owe it to yourself and all the people that enjoy your brews to invest in a pot that not only looks awesome, but has the features that makes brewing a more consistent experience, and in the end enables better brew.

The Brew Shop is an authorized Blichmann Dealer and we want to see you brew like a guru!



Here’s the manufacturers specs, but if you feel you need more information and first hand experience, feel free to visit the Guru.

The Therminator™ is the fastest way to chill your wort to yeast pitching temperature and get your fermentation off to a quick, bacteria-free start.

  • All 316 stainless steel plates and fittings.
  • Chill like the pros, as the Therminator™ is identical to commercial brewery chillers.
  • Brazed together with pure copper in an oxygen-free furnace, with no potential leaks like a gasketed unit!
  • Chill 10 gallons in 5 minutes to 68°F using 58°F cooling water at 5 gallons per minute (gpm).
  • Great for southern climates! (See notes on FAQ tab.)
  • Ultra compact (7.5″ W, 4″ D, 3″ H)
  • Super-low restriction is ideal for gravity feed.
  • Easy to clean and sanitize, small enough to boil!*
  • Garden-hose thread connections on the water side means no extra adapters to buy!
  • 1/2″ male NPT fittings on wort side mates up with virtually all common hose-connector types, and they’re easier to sanitize than female fittings!
  • With the lowest water consumption on the market, it saves you money!
  • Comes with heavy-gauge stainless mounting bracket.

Blichmann Engineering is committed to continuous product improvement, so design details may change from the photos shown.